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While both parents and the children from the relationship all have rights, says divorce lawyer Edmonton expert, Janan Jarrah of eLaw Alliance. Parents also have obligations to the life they created, that they will care for and provide for this life they created together. The courts will ensure everyone’s rights are upheld, but defend a child’s right fiercely, as they are minors, and need someone advocating for them.

The court will always rule in favor of what they believe to be in the child’s best interest. They consider as much access to both parents – unless proven otherwise – to be best for the child. And have many mechanisms in place to ensure child support is paid, since this is how the legal system ensures the child’s right to have both parents contribute to their life is upheld.

Communication After Divorce

Which means that even after a parents’ relationship breaks down, and they can no longer be together, they will still have to parent their children. Which means coordinating child support payments, who gets access when, and arranging pick up and drop off times. When parents find it difficult to communicate and cooperate, there is a course that will help. In fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton expert Jarrah says that in order for married parents to have their divorce granted by the Court of King’s Bench, they must complete the Parenting After Separation Course (PAC).

Online tools to help you

While it’s required for divorcing parents, anyone can complete this online education. Sometimes, a judge will direct parents who are having a hard time cooperating or co parenting to take this course. It covers topics such as how a separation affects both children and parents. Parents will work on communication and relationship skills. They will learn legal information, their rights as well as obligations. And how to resolve disputes in many different ways. Coming out of the course, parents should be better able to co-parent, and ensure their child has what they need.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After Separation Course

The benefit of this course is that it is completely online, so parents don’t need to take it together, or be in the same room. Which can be difficult for a couple when their relationship breaks down. However, this isn’t always successful in solving issues parents have, especially if the relationship is highly emotionally charged, and if communication has significantly deteriorated. After parents have completed their Parenting After Separation course, if they need more help, they can take the Parenting After Separation for Families in High Conflict Course (PASHC).

More online courses

Again, like the PAS, the PASHC can be taken voluntarily, or a judge may require parents take this course. Again, they can complete the education online, and separately in order how to learn disengagement techniques, anger, abuse, power and control issues. Parents will learn about child development, and what the needs of their children are. How to renegotiate boundaries, and create co parenting plans for their high conflict family. Parents who complete this course are generally better equipped to co-parent with each other.

Find A Lawyer To Help You

Although if that’s still not the case, divorce lawyer Edmonton, Jarrah says that there are even more resources available to help. Parents can meet with what is called a Caseflow Conference Coordinator to help resolve issues out of the courtroom. You can access this support if you have retained a divorce lawyer Edmonton or not. This is the court’s preferred method of contact resolution before going to court.

They will look at what steps a parent has taken in order to get their matter resolved on their own. And if it is still not resolved, and parents do go to court, the judge will take into consideration how hard one parent, or both parents worked to resolve the issue in their final ruling.

While couples can separate, divorce and deal with co parenting issues all without legal help, hiring an expert divorce lawyer Edmonton can be very beneficial. Individuals can have an expert not only give them legal advice, but help them file, appear in court and advocate on their behalf. Rather than trying to it it yourself, always let an expert help you to ensure your family gets the best possible outcome.

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