Opposing An Application With Child Welfare Laws

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Opposing An Application With Child Welfare Laws

Today we will be talking about Child Welfare Laws. Now with all three types of applications according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. A parent has the option of consenting negotiating, better terms or opposing it all together. And when they oppose it all together. Trial dates are set normally sometimes over a year down the road. And once the file finally reaches trial, the judge will hear all of the evidence from Child and Family Services. All of the evidence that the parents present, and then make a decision.

Navigating Child Welfare Issues Is Difficult

Based on what he or she thinks is in the best interest of the child according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. About whether or not that child should. Or whether or not any one of those three applications. Should be granted with a Temporary Guardianship Order and a Supervision Order.

Cooperate With Child and Family Services

Any time parents find themselves. Dealing with Child and Family Services, they should consult. A divorce lawyer Edmonton right away. To find out their legal rights and obligations. There is basically an indication from Child and Family Services that they have confidence. The parents can comply. And so, they pursue it with hopes. That the parents can complete those specified conditions.

Get Legal Advice On A Permanent Guardianship Order

But with the permanent guardianship application, it is basically a message from Child and Family Services. That they do not have any confidence that the parents can complete those conditions. So, suffice to say, if you are dealing with any one of those three types of applications. But especially Permanent Guardianship Order, get legal assistance from a divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Legal Aid of Alberta Can Help

You can contact legal aid to assist you with setting yourself up with a lawyer, or you can contact a private lawyer for that purpose. Uh, another few things to keep in mind. I normally tell clients that I advocate for parents or guardians that until we get to trial, I would like them to as much as possible cooperate and do what children’s services is asking because it will only help.

Trials in Court Regarding Child Welfare Laws

In my opinion, once you get to trial, you will be able to tell the judge I completed my counseling. My courses, and that can help your lawyer advocate for you at the trial. And in some cases, if the parents really step it up. Children family services will withdraw their application to the trial. So, I always encourage clients to work as much as possible with Child and Family Services prior to the trial.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Avoid Being Argumentative In Court

Once you get to trial, then of course, it is no holds barred. It is a battle, and that should be confined within the four walls of the courtroom. Meaning I do not suggest parents be extremely defensive of or argumentative with Child and Family Services outside of the trial. They should be cooperative and work as much as possible on proving that they are. In fact, adequate parents. It is only going to help your divorce lawyer Edmonton anyhow, to be able to say. By the time you get to trial, that all of those conditions have been met.

Work To Remove Conditions

So, work hard on those conditions, leave that battle for the four within the four walls of the courtroom. Another thing to keep in mind with child and family services is that if you are a parent or guardian of an indigenous, a Metis, or Inuit child. There are special considerations in SIIA for children in those communities. This is an obligation, not a choice. You must take into consideration certain cultural, policies and practices when dealing with children from those communities, Indigenous, Metis and Inuit.

Cultural Considerations for Indigenous Children

And if Child and Family Services is not taking those cultural practices or policies in consideration. Then that is something they re going to have to address with. It is not permitted says divorce lawyer Edmonton. In fact, they are obligated when dealing with children from those communities. To take into consideration the unique history and cultural practices of children in those communities. And try to preserve those cultural practices, and that history. Another thing to keep in mind is that once a child reaches the age of 12, the court will start consider. What they may have to say about things. They are even provided notice of applications.

Older Children Are Entitled To Legal Representation

Once they reach 12 years of age, it is not uncommon. In fact, it is very common to have children who are in the child welfare laws system and going through the courts to have their own lawyer. So, they will be assigned their own lawyer to speak to the issue. And to either advocate for them or speak to what they think is in the best interests of the child. So, I can go on and on about child and family services and the laws related to this area.

Get Legal Help With Any Child Welfare Laws Situation

So suffice to is this video is just intended for some general information. If you want more detailed information, then certainly you can call us directly and we will provide that. So thank you for joining in until the next time. If you have any questions. Or if you have any child welfare laws matters. You would like a legal opinion on, please do not hesitate to contact divorce lawyer Edmonton at eLaw Alliance.

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