Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | You Don’t Need A Lawyer To File Papers

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | You Don’t Need A Lawyer To File Papers

Often, couples will want to avoid hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because they would like to save money. Or, they are in agreement. Of the terms of their divorce. Even if people are not married by law.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

And are in a common-law a relationship. Whether they are looking for spousal support. Now that the relationship is ending. Or if there are children from their union. And they need child support, and parental matters decided.

People can go ahead. And file papers in the courts. In order to get decisions made. Without having to hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, many people are unsure of how to do this.

The first thing that will need to be done. Is a form needs to be filled out. Form can be found on either the provincial or the federal law website. And can be filled out either on a computer.

Or it can be printed out, and filled in by hand. This will indicate. What decision the person is asking the judge to make. Once they have filled out this form. They need to create an affidavit.

An affidavit the is a statement of events. Written in the person’s own words. And must be factual in nature. They will be asked to swear upon it. And then, it will be entered into court records.

It is considered the basis for claim. And is essentially, a person’s story. That they would tell the judge. If they were standing in the same room. The judge is going to read this, prior to any court room date.

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Or decision that is made. As well, the person who is making the filing. Needs to supply supporting documents. That can include things like bank statements. As well as bills if necessary.

And if there are children involved, they will need to supply. Their parenting after separation course certificates. Before any parents can file any motions in court.

They need to have taken the parenting after separation course. And proof of this, should be included. In the package they file at the courthouse. Once they have all of the information together.

They will need to bring it, in triplicate to the courthouse in their jurisdiction. Whether they are filing in provincial court. Or if they are deciding to take it to the federal court. Which is also called the Court of Queen’s bench.

There is very little difference between the two. While some people believe that the Court of Queen’s bench is the higher court. And therefore has more authority. In family law matters, this is not true.

The only time people are actually required. To file in the federal system. Is if they are dealing with a literal marriage. Marriage is a legal entity. That can only be undone by certain laws.

Which are governed federally. Which is why it is necessary. That divorcing couples. With or without children must go to the court of Queen’s bench. If people have any other questions, they should set up a free consultation. With divorce lawyer Edmonton, at the law alliance.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | You Do Not Need A Lawyer To File Your Court Papers

Often times, people who are separating or divorcing, do not necessarily need to hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. This is because they are in agreement. Of the terms. Or at least are in agreement that the relationship is ending.

Instead of paying a divorce lawyer Edmonton. And arguing back-and-forth. Spending money on lawyers. Many people decide to take the matter to court. Especially if all they want is a simple dissolution of their relationship.

Work, they agree that they are breaking up. And they simply need a judge. To figure out their child support matters. To register officially, the parenting access. Or, if they need spousal support.

Therefore, they simply are going to file for divorce. And speak to the judge directly. About child support, parenting matters. As well as spousal support. They can either go to the court of Queen’s bench.

Which is the federal court. Or the provincial court for example. When it has to do with child support matters. Also parenting matters, and spousal support for example. However, if they are finalizing an actual divorce.

Or if they are discussing. The division of marital property, provincial court. Will not be able to help them. As anything dealing with marriage, and divorce. Is handled by federal legislation.

Which is called the divorce act. Importantly, which is why. Divorcing couples. Need to eventually head to. The court of Queen’s bench. However, both the federal court. Also the provincial court can handle many different scenarios.

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That actually overlaps. Between the divorce act. And also the family Law act. Which is the provincial legislation. Dealing in addition with common-law matters. And moreover, children coming from a nonlegal union.

People can take the matter to court. Without hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to get there matter resolved. And a verdict rendered by a judge in a court of law.

Both federal and provincial court. Will conversely happen in a court room. Obviously, having a judge presiding over the events. Where both parties will be able to speak. Provide evidence to their side.

And in the end ultimately. After hearing all information. The judge eventually will make a decision. Based on what they think. Is ultimately best for all parties involved. Especially, if there are children involved. There is no real advantage however.

Or disadvantage between going to the court of Queen’s bench. Or the provincial court. In order to get these matters decided. For some people, they may choose to simply file provincially.

Because there is no filing fee. The way there is for Court of Queen’s bench. As well, another similarity between the two courts. Is that they both have duty counsel. Which is a free lawyer at the courthouse.

Who importantly sits outside either court room. It should be noted, offering free legal advice. To people who are appearing in court that day. They will be able for example. To fill out forms if necessary. Offer important advice. And help people plan. What they are going to say. To the judge for example.