Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Etiquette


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Etiquette

When parents are divorcing or splitting up, they may need a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Even if their split is amicable. Or they are not engaging in a legal divorce.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Whenever there is children involved. There are rights and obligations towards that child. And knowing how to navigate the legal waters properly. To avoid getting into legal trouble is important.

One of the first things that any parent should understand. The minute that they create life. They are required to care for that life, if in no other way then financially.

This means that the only way that a parent. Can walk away from their parental duties. Is to abandon the child. Without anyone knowing who they are. Which is not a very common scenario.

Therefore, if parents split up. And one parent thinks that they can get out of. Paying child support by relinquishing. Their parental rights, they will be mistaken. The court not only protects the right of the children.

But one of those rights, is to have both parents. The consistent person in their life. Because they consider that to be. In the best interest of the child. Walking away from the child to get out of child support is not possible.

Keeping that in mind, divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents should also know. That if one parent withholds access. In order to upset or get back at the person. That they are angry with, that does not give the parent.

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The right to withhold child support. The law looks at these two issues completely separately according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And does not look kindly upon parents taking it upon themselves.

To stop allowing access or child support. If one parent stops paying child support. Or denies access. The best response is to utilize the help of a divorce lawyer. And go to court to inform them of what is going on.

Especially if a person stops paying child support. They will find themselves in legal difficulties. And triggering the maintenance enforcement program. This is a legal agency in Alberta.

Where it is sole purpose of existing. Is to enforce child support orders. That are currently going unnoticed. For example, they can suspend a person’s drivers license. Which will make travelling difficult.

As well as making getting to work a problem. As well as confiscating the people’s passports, garnishing their wages. As well as seizing a wide variety of their assets. As punishment for not paying.

As well as a way to encourage the other parent. To pay the child support that they owe. For as long as the parent is not making child support payments. This will be calculated as retroactive child support. It means for every amount of money.

That parents do not pay and child support. They are going to be required to make that up. When they start making payments again. Therefore, people can end up. With years and years of retroactive child support to pay.

That they did not have to worry about. If they simply informed the courts. That they could not pay child support in the first place.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Etiquette To Know About

Child support is an incredibly important function according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Simply because it is the legal mechanism. To ensure both parents can pay for the life that they created together.

One of the first things that parents are going to have to do. When they decide to separate or divorce. Is figure out where the child or the children are going to live. The reason why says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Is because where the children live. Will factor into which parent will pay child support. The parent that has access to the children. More than 60% of the time. Will be the parents that receives child support from the other.

However, more often than not, especially nowadays. Parents are sharing access of the children. And child support will be calculated a completely different way. Therefore, they should come to an agreement together.

At least to start, on where the children will live. So that child support can initially be calculated. Knowing that if and when things change. They can simply go back to court. Inform them of the changes.

And have their child support payments adjusted accordingly. The next thing that parents are going to have to do when they are separating or divorcing with children. Is that they must disclose their finances to the court. It will either receive a notice through their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Or in the mail, that says notice to disclose.

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Or request for financial documents. This is information that the court will require. In order to calculate child support payments. If parents think that they can skirt this, and avoid paying child support.

Simply by feeling to disclose their financial information to the court. They will find that they are still going to be acquired to pay child support. One of the first things that will happen in this situation.

Is the judge is going to assess what they think is reasonable. They might look at the parents job. They might ask the other parent. What they believe the parent is making in income.

Or simply make their best guess, hoping that it is accurate. However, if a parent fails to disclose. In order to avoid paying child support, it is not likely. That the judge has a lot of sympathy for them. They end up paying more child support.

Then they would have had to, if they had disclose their finances in the beginning. They can utilize a divorce lawyer Edmonton. To help them navigate these legal situations.

Because whether they do this once the beginning. They are still going to have to continue going to court. Whenever there is a change in income. Or in living situation.

And having a great expert on your side, such as those at eLaw Alliance. Is going to be extremely helpful to. To ensure that parents do what is appropriate at all times. And avoid getting into legal problems that could have been avoided.