Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child And Family Services Investigation


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child And Family Services Investigation

Because of how seriously the law takes the welfare of its most vulnerable citizens says divorce lawyer Edmonton. This is why the government agencies that make up child and family services was created.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

While there are many different agencies across the entire province of Alberta. That are responsible for handling matters related to child welfare in this province.

They are collectively referred to as child and family services. And they have a lot of reach, when dealing with children in need.

They are governed by the child youth family and enhancement act. That not only specifies what a child in need of intervention is. But also specifies that people who witnessed children who are in need. Are legally obligated to report them to the appropriate authorities.

Once a child who is in need has had a complaint entered on their behalf. The child and family services will start an investigation.

They are able to investigate very thoroughly says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Not only by being able to speak to the parents or guardians of the children who are at risk.

But they are able to speak directly to the child, siblings and other family members. As well as speak to other third parties who could be witnesses to abuse. Such as teachers, extended family members, and even neighbours.

Child and family services are even authorized to come directly into the child’s home. In order to see the condition of the home, and what kind of living conditions the child is being captain.

They will thoroughly investigate the complaint itself, to see if there is any evidence of what has been complained about. And to see if there is anything else that is concerning.

When they complete their investigation, child and family services have two options on how they can proceed.

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They can either create a family enhancement agreement. That specifies what next steps they would like the parents or guardians to take.

These conditions can help remove the things that the child at risk. Or can help give the parents or guardians the skills they need. Such as parenting courses, or counselling for addictions, or domestic abuse.

These conditions will be designed to help not only remove the child from the danger. But help ensure that the situation can be improved for the child well into the future.

Or, child and family services may believe what they have seen is so serious. And is so dangerous to a child. That instead of trying to help the parents change the situation to make it safer.

They might believe that the parents and be unable, or unwilling to fix the situation. And will apply for something called an apprehension order.

The apprehension order will allow child and family services to take the child out of the dangerous situation.

This application order is simply a temporary solution. And typically, a trial will be next. In order to figure out what is in the best interest of the child.

However, before the trial can happen, the issue of who is going to have custody of the child must be decided upon. Because it may take months or even a year to get a trial date.

Will this is not an easy decision for child and family services to make. It is an important one. And they will be trained to make the decision that is in the best interest of the child.

Not only to remove them from a dangerous situation. But ensure that they are kept safe into the future says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child And Family Services Investigations In Alberta

Because the laws in Alberta specify that people who witness a child in danger must report it says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Any time a complaint is made. Child and family services must investigate.

This investigation can be extremely thorough. Because these government agencies that handle child welfare issues are very far-reaching and have very broad powers and it comes to protecting children.

After child and family services investigates an instance where child has been reported to be in danger. They can handle the situation a number of ways when their investigation is complete.

In some instances child and family services find that the child is not in danger. And nothing needs to come out of the investigation.

However, in most instances. They have found several things that puts the child at risk. And can create an agreement, which outlines all of the different conditions they want the parent or guardian to meet. In order to keep their child as safe as possible.

Some examples of what kinds of conditions that might be included in the agreement. Is taking a parenting course. To help the parents and guardians have tools that can help them be more effective parents.

Or, they might be required to get counselling for their addiction, or for domestic violence. And even get assessments done such as parenting assessments, neurological assessments and even psychological assessments.

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Often, because abuse is a cycle, by treating the parent, they can help make the situation healthier for the child. And often, if a parent or guardian has been unable to provide safety for their child.

It is because they are at risk themselves. And so by fixing the problem for the parent and getting the help they need to says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The danger will automatically be removed from the child as well.

And when these are the reasons why a child is in danger. It is far more appropriate to create a document that can help a family see its way out of an abusive situation. Instead of simply going to court, where a judge is not going to be as effective at helping a family escape a dangerous situation.

However, these agreements are actually voluntary to sign. And no one can be forced, coerced or bullied into signing them.

And no matter how well-intentioned the agreement is. Divorce lawyer Edmonton recommends that all parents or guardians get independent legal advice on the document.

Prior to signing it, because once they have signed it. They are legally bound to that document for the future.

They should ensure a lawyer looks it over to make sure that it is in fact in the parent and child’s best interest. And if they refuse to sign it, the issue can go straight to court. If that is what is in the best interest of the situation.